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A Golfing Experience Like Nothing Else in the World.

Taiheiyo Club Japan

Taiheiyo Club is the most progressive golf club in Japan. Their 17 courses, 13 of which are surrounding Tokyo, are effectively the best group of courses in Japan. Taiheiyo has built an infrastructure and concierge service that allows overseas guests to play and experience what most golfers have always considered, but thought too difficult. They encompass the best courses, pro shops, restaurants, wine bars, hotels, and service in Japan.

Four Seasons of Unique Conditions

Japan’s 4 seasons mean that whatever time of the year you come you will have an entirely unique experience. The winter brings bright blue skies with crisp days that heighten all your senses. Spring has clear days, cherry blossoms, snow on Mt.Fuji, and what I consider perfect weather for golf. Autumn, of course, has the changing colors in the trees and cooling weather in the evenings and summer has the heat but respite is captured as you travel into higher altitudes nearer either Mt.Fuji or Mt.Asama that provides cooler climates better suited for golf.

Golf is played all year round in Japan. People are surprised that in winter the courses are still open, but I assure you it’s a hidden treasure playing during this season. A few more layers are necessary, but I assure you that walking around the course with the bright sunshine on your face provides lasting memories.

The Little Details Still Matter in Japan

Experiencing golf perfection is the best way to describe playing golf in Japan. It still has a slightly formal element here which I quite like and I think people appreciate the effort that the staff put into making sure each and every touch point has a service element that is thoughtful and unparalleled.

Golf courses here are the best-groomed and manicured places I have ever seen, with a wonderfully Japanese design influence that flows throughout all the courses. The Japanese service, the unbelievable food, the highly trained caddies, and the attention to detail in all areas is what makes an all day affair seem totally worthwhile.

One-of-a-Kind Golf Tours in Japan

There are two main ways that most people experience Golf in Japan, day tripping from Tokyo or staying directly at the course. Both can be mixed but each experience has it’s own unique benefits.

Tokyo Itinerary

Through experience I believe there are two ways to experience golf in Japan although both can certainly be mixed.

The first is to use Tokyo as a base and take day trips either by public transport or organized private transport to the courses each day. Play 3 to 4 times with a day off in between to relax and check out Tokyo. The golfing days will be 5am wake up calls and you probably wont return to Tokyo until dinner time, but the experience you will have will leave your head spinning.

Day 1

Taiheiyo Konan, the site of the 2015 Japan PGA championship. It’s a beautiful course with slight undulations that make it a must to play. It’s only about 60km from central Tokyo, so it’s a relatively short day trip by Japanese standards.

Day 3

Taiheiyo Minori, the site of the 2016 and 2017 Toto Classic, which is a co-sanctioned tournament between the Japan LPGA and the LPGA ladies from the US. Its golf course that is beautifully tree lined and always in good condition. Much like the Konan course, it’s just a day trip from Tokyo.

Day 5

Taiheiyo Narita, a Gary Player designed course, which lies next to Narita airport. Its a hilly course but one of my personal favourites with a stretch of holes on the back nine that are tough and very memorable. Once again just a day trip from Tokyo.

If you want to play an extra round then consider a day trip to either Gotemba or Karuizawa. These destinations are easily accessible by the Shinkansen (Bullet train), which takes about an hour from Tokyo and leads you to a local station where a club bus will pick you up. It’s a worthwhile trip to see either Mt.Fuji or Mt. Asama.

Rural Japan Itinerary

The other way is to travel to either Gotemba or Karuizawa and spend a few days playing both of these Taiheiyo 36 hole destinations. This itinerary is certainly more rural, but away from the bright lights of Tokyo. Even far from the city, there is no shortage of excellent hotels and restaurants on site. Both areas also have premium outlets in close proximity which are a Mecca of retail outside of Tokyo. This area is only only about an hour ride by Shinkansen from the centre of Tokyo.

The Gotemba courses allow you to see Mt.Fuji, which is a box every golfer must tick. Play and stay the night and play the other course in the morning. If you’d like to see the countryside of Japan then spending 2 days in Gotemba and then two days in Karuizawa is a great option.

Day 1 and 2

Gotemba is Taiheiyos flagship course and Gotemba West is also a great course, that is probably favoured by our overseas guests. Both courses sit at the bottom of Mt.Fuji and Gotemba also has an amazing premium outlet mall, which is great for shopping. Taiheiyo has a hotel on the Gotemba West site which has 28 rooms so please consider a play, stay, and play itinerary.

Day 3

This day I would save to travel back into Tokyo and then North West up to Karuizawa. Maybe a stopover in Tokyo to do some sightseeing and even spend a night near the Tokyo station for an early start the next day.

Day 4 and 5

Karuizawa is much like Gotemba. It’s the playground for the wealthy Tokyoites who have their summer residences here, trying to escape the harsh summers that Tokyo can provide. It’s about an hour bullet train ride from the centre of Tokyo where our club bus will escort you to the club. This area also has the biggest premium outlet in Japan. 36 holes sit below Mt.Asama and although it’s not Mt.Fuji, its still spectacular. The hotel is great with an abundance of rooms. The courses are great fun to play and a little easier than our Gotemba courses. The added convenience of Karuizawa is that there are 2 courses and a hotel all on the same property. Taiheiyo’s Karuizawa resort also has 3 restaurants that are all amazing, plus a beautiful wine cellar. It’s undoubtedly a great place to spend a few days.

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